December 26, 2009

Iszraf Asiraf

I'm totally speechless when I saw your blog
it was awesome ! after what we've been through,
it felt like we were friends since small and it will last forever !
Trust me, miss you Iszraf. can't wait for you to be back here
like we used to be with Appleofmyeyes ! lovecha !

December 25, 2009

Christmas Birthday

“Wishing you all have a very best Christmas this year”
been catched up with old friends where I think its good for myself.
kinda freezing tonight but still I'm waiting for my cigarette and
I think I should wish you
guys again,
Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday
to few friends of mine.

December 26th, 2009

Riana, happy birthday !

Dann, happy birthday !

Ayie, happy birthday !

December 24, 2009


Anyone got Gossip Girls Season 3 Episode 11 and so on ?
Please do let me know ok. Damn, I'm so into Blair and Chuck.
Well, don't forget about Nate and Dan coz they're also killing me =)
You know you love me
XOXO gossip girls. ;p

December 19, 2009

For You

I gave you all your desired,
All that you needed,
Boy I provided.

I don't know where to start,
or where to stop,
but I know I am done,
I've had enough.

December 18, 2009

Back To Basic

Whoah been away from blog, busy with examination
and problems. Currently on holiday, too many things happened
to me but thanks, it made me a stronger person.
Sleep, facebooking, EAT are my activities
at home, what else
to do lah kan.
Try to find myself back, try to be near to our Creator.
I've been too far lately, so I think it is
the right time for me
to back to basic.
Getting older made me a matured person
where I always think about my future.

haha watever it is, I started to play Ragnarok Online back !
ahaha damn I miss my old times
playing games with friends
less problem! haha.

November 09, 2009

Berry Berry

Mama, buy me a Blackberry Storm !!
sumpah smart macam sial.


Guys, you have to see this blog !!
it was the scariest blog i've ever seen
Sumpah, nak muntah weyh !!!


This is our loveable logo from now on =)
Me, Syafnida, Rubern and Saadiah
well, Sally's stick man got 2 cute boobies
it was rubern's idea. we saw this logo
at google, while we're doing our task in
boring Coco class hahaha
ILY <3

A Trip

I was planning to go somewhere,
where I can have a peace of mind.
First came up to my mind, was beach !
Just perfect! The breeze is good to cure
my very-tangled mind. I was too busy
till I didn't have enough rest.

Pangkor ? Tioman ? Redang ?
still in consideration. I'm thinking
to invite few friends to come along.
but the most important, is him.
I wanted to clean the mess with him.
Vacation could be the perfect idea !

Everyone, let's go! btw I really missed Syaf, Sally and
loveable husbie, Rubern haha ILY guys =)

Pass By

I'm really sorry Izanee Asyraff.
Please don't do this to me.
Everyone isn't perfect so do I.
That's all I wanted to say

September 13, 2009

Mama's Coming Up

Cant wait for Mama's Birthday
200909 same date on Feeco's mum birthday too
well it falls on the date where all the muslim celebrate it
love you Mama.

Birthday Birthday =)

Damn !! schedule class super duper packed oke
I was fucking busy till don hv time to update my blog.
owh btw i wanna wish happy belated birthday
to the Twinnie, Feeco, Imran & Hfzh =) tua dah korang kan hah

It's now ramadhan and Raya is coming soon !!
YEAH tapi cuti 1 week je kot. dulu time skola,
best je cuti lame lame haha. anyway Selamat BerPuasa guys !!

Happy Birthday
Izanee Asyraf & Ikmal Aliff


Hafizah Husain

Syarul Redzuwan

August 06, 2009

Way Back To Love

U guys have watched Heart before isnt ?
I didn't expect, after all these years
pickin up the pieces, then putting
my heart back together after
separating from the loved one
made me such a weaker person.
OBVIOUSLY!! cz when i did watched
this movie again, i was haunted by
guilty and sadness tahap dewa
& the result was Im crying.

I don't know how to handle it.
I don't know how to prevent it.
I don't know how am i goin to survive.
I don't know how am i goin to live without you.
I don't know.

I miss you terribly. wish i could turn back time.

August 01, 2009

Long Long Time Ago

Lately, i've been watching old movies and tv series
I dont knw why, but it such a good thing to do to fill up
my leisure time since now i'm on semester break!!
Yeay but it's going to be over soon, about less than 2 weeks

Gosh Meteor Garden was my most fav tv series
I'm dying to watch it again!! I hv to download it back
bcz ade org pinjam dulu cd die tapi x pulang kan!!

well, F4 kan were the main characters in Meteor Garden
haha semua hot kan ? especially Jerry and Vic haha

OMG !?

July 27, 2009

Over it

pretend like u're never exists in this world
wasn't a good idea. the more u try to forget
the harder it will be. true enough isnt ?
well i've spoke with a guy where i found out
his advises were actually working on me.

I would say that since i tried to forget him
I've never give a break to my own self.
Last few months, I made myself busy with
all those assignmnt stuffs and it stays the same.
then I tried to cool myself down, took a deep breath
pray to ALLAH, and lastly I am sort of found the
peaceful of mind last weekend at my own HOME.
being with mama is the best cure of mine.

1 thing that i've learned, sometimes we think that
we need families and friends to support us but
do u realize that sometimes u need time or a break
for your own self ? think about it.

July 26, 2009

Dota Dota Dota

Axe Fav Hero Kot =)

why can't I just stop playing Dota ?

Mother F lah haha 24/7 nak main game je
since becoming "Mr Lonely" haha oke lah
gtg dota time !! Att jgn marah oke
laki ko pon suke main dota oke -_-' haha

July 24, 2009


its been a while i hvnt wrote anything
yela rumah sewa xde streamyx =(
broadband kene block cz x baya ahaha
well i've just finished my examination
gosh pengajian malaysia sucks!!
haha but over all oke lah =)
well i got 54/60 for my digital com carry marks

x saba nak tggu 30 august kan botak kan =)
haha well nnt lah update blog nie
nak siap2 lunch ngn family
gtg tata =)

June 13, 2009

Busy Busy

I'm currently busy and I don't have
much time write any entry or even online
later later lah busy nk blaja n rumah baru thingy

May 25, 2009

May 24, 2009

Izanee Asyraff

alaa acaf dh msk UIA
pasnie jarang dh hangout2
haih but its oke lah,
i wish u all the best oke !!!
study well jd lawyer
nnt if ape2 bole suh acaf
je handle case pdot k.

May 18, 2009


I don't know where start or
where to stop cz it will never end
unless you've changed !!
this particular person who try to
act like he is soo cool n try to snatch
all the girl's hearts out there
but yeah this time, GOTCHA !!
pls la man, don't be like SOO-womanizer
cz it doesn't suits u at ALL !!
owh gosh what else I can say
u just keep on repeating the same
mistake again and again !!
Fuck dowh ko nie. Idk what should i
call you now cz you're acting like
somebody else like you're totally
stranger to me =(
please go back to basic and
think think think about people
around you that actually care about you.
or you're jz too stupid and can't think about it
whatever it is, I do miss the OLD you
but it will never be the same.
coz you've broke my little fragile HEART.


Too much drama.
It's like stupid dumb jokes
and only assholes play that jokes.
We're done.
You go your way
and I will go mine.
to People,
talk as much as you
can about me.
Like I give a damn =)
To you, sorry for being rude.

Happy Birthday

Happy 18th Birthday
Farahin Hamdan
May Allah blessed you
with all the kindness =)

May 10, 2009

College Life

Ikmal Aliff Jamaluddin
Take care of yourself at
Malacca Matriculation !!
I will visit you soon k syg =)
Jangan manjee uhhh sgt k

Btw thx for spending ur time
till almost 5am dgn me
Gonna miss you so much !!! =((

May 09, 2009


Happy Mother's Day

to all mothers living in this world
Nothing can replace you
Your ways are too perfect
You completed my daily life
You're my life, you're my hopes.
I need you like water, like breath, like rain.
All I need is you.

Norma'lum bt Bahari


I don't know why I'm fuckin
excited about this coming raya.
ye lah first of all dapat minta maaf
dgn mama ayah n family. then i
can meet my friends where I rarely
see lately coz of buzy-ness hahaha =)
gosh anyway guys, ATTENTION !!


p/s : x taw kt mane, ask la ek =)

May 06, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy 19th Birthday
Intan Syazreena Dato' Bakaruddin
Sara Kamarul Zaman
Aku Syg Ko =)

May 05, 2009

Bring Back The Pulse


29 and 30 May 2009
A' Famosa Resort, Malacca


Freedom Cheer
Freedom Live Wall
Freedom Trampoline
Freedom Tattoo
Freedom Rides

Previous Freedom at Mount Kiara

May 03, 2009

Crystal Clear

I didn't go anywhere today
I don't even know where to go to
haish the emptiness is slowly
taking over me and I don't

know how to win over myself back

Yes I shouldn't think like this but
I can't stop from doing it
You're supposed to be my friend
where I put my trust on but
your're turning into a different person
where I don't even know you at all

I will try to regain what I've lost
but I'll never forget you. NEVER EVER.
you're always gonna be the one
I never someone like you and
I don't know why people didn't
realized that you're just too good
and yet I've already realized it
youu wasn't for me

May 02, 2009

Way Too Far

I never thought that she could be that
evil oke ? we were like BFF gile babi
and she always told me that
"boyfriend come and go, friends stay forever"
take note oke guys !!!!
but then does she really knw the exact meaning
ape yang die ckp ? I dont think so =(

but FYI, if u're planning to use him as a temporary BF
just to wait for someone else to come back,

then i'll make sure that u will never b happy ok ?

how come u made a statement like
"u r in love with A, but u will definitely will choose B"
that is totally FUCK UP oke syg ?
Wake up!! u r not in fairy tale story dear
this is reality !! people with feeling are exist in this world
and not to be played around like voodoo dolls

I just wana to make it clear in public
there is nothing between us and goddamnit
trust ur own FRIEND especially

with that i rest my case :p

May 01, 2009

May 1st

Happy 19th Birthday
Saiful Nizam Baharin
May God Bless You With
All The Kindness

April 27, 2009


I was blinded by your words
All those lies I kept inside me
Those promises you asked me
to hold on but now there's nothing left
All my tears, they keep running
down my face, how could you forget about me?

I wish we could start all over again
from the moment we met but
I think it is not worth it because
now I realized that you are just unworthy
but I'll cherish every moments we had together

Yeah I miss you so much but
you are with her now
so I won't bother you guys
just so you know
I still love you like I did before

April 21, 2009

No Matter

I will never stop loving you
Give up is not the best words
to describe the feeling now =)
and its all because of you syg ;p

April 20, 2009

Cant Be Without You

I just dont know how to handle it
I just dont know how to face it
I just dont know how to think rationally
I just dont know how to let anyone else in
I just dont know why I love you so much
I just dont know why you do this to me
I just dont know what to do
I just dont know where should I start
I just dont know where should I stop
I just dont know when its all going to end

April 19, 2009

April's Luck

This April was totally wicked !!
lot of things happened and gosh
Im gonna miss all those moments

the latest one was actually today
but early in the morning
I met Ruzaini or juz call him Zynie

Frankly speaking, he's cute dowh
but then plus polite and nice
and People, I just LOVE making friends
oke ? haha

and yet I met Amy ( Sara's bf )
we talked about that moron yg
mengaku die bf Sara (bodo kan gile x malu)
chat chat untill 530 whoah
then sume blk cz dah ngantok plus
Zynie keje today at 12 =)

April 18, 2009

Happy Hours

Im so happy whenever im with you
eventhough I just spend few hours
with you, u made me smile the whole day

I didn't asked for repay cz everything
that I did for you is just because I syg You
Sayang oke take note !!
bukan I love You oke ?? ;p

I hope we will stay forever this way
Im not gonna leave you behind
Im always there for wherever you need me
Fuck jiwang mcm pukimak oke ;p

Currently listening to My heart will go on

April 17, 2009

Syarul Redzwuan

let me introduce you
friend of mine where we just knew
about less than 2 months
he's originally from Sg Petani, Kedah
but currently stay at Shah Alam
I got his passport pic and then I just
snapped it cz saje saje =)
haha u can just called him


poyo bajet ko hensem ? =p
seriously he's a nice guy and im lucky that
i had a chance to get to know him
haha he looks like Ameer abit dowh
but no matter wat happened
we're gonna make it kan pakcik ? =p
nie pic die lah i just put it randomly

April 15, 2009

Adam Sayang

sorry sorry
I was damn busy oke lately
now I'll redeem all the time
with you k ? tp ur treat k =p
hehe btw I MISS you so much syg ;p

April 14, 2009

Friends Come and Go

Life sometimes isn't that fair
We might have to let go of people
that we love the most and
it is so PAINFUL
till you actually think that
what life is all about ?
Life sometimes can be wonderful
but in a blink of eyes it also
can turned out into something that
we didn't expect it to happen
well, that is LIFE

Seeing someone that we love so much
with someone that we are closed
was totally fucked up and it's not healthy
well, obviously you can't hide those
unwanted feeling but then you try to fake it
because maybe you can't afford of losing the loves one
or maybe one of them is your bestfriend

You try your very best just to comfort them
but then it seems like they are actually
don't even care about you and the worst part
of it is they said they love you, FRIEND
and OBVIOUSLY they don't

Life life life
well, life is just a lie
eventhough you said that you're able to
handle it but deep inside your heart says
that "no dear, you can't accept it"
yeah, you know that same sex love
is not a normal thing but the thing is
just put some respect on it because
it is people's choice of what they want to be
and they also have feeling and
yet still want to be loved by someone

If you're happy with her now
then just go on and don't let
someone else take her from you
eventhough the decision is actually
hurt me so much but it is your decision
what I can do is now picking up the
pieces of my heart that you broke it
and putting it back together
and try to get over you

All I can say is I'm better off WITHOUT you

April 13, 2009

Single is FABULOUS

Single Single Single Boys out there

Past just made us stronger
It's depend on us
How we manage to handle it ?
How we're gonna face the future without YOU?
Don't just simply take an easiest way
Coz it won't help you at all
Well basically Im talking through out my experiences
We're gonna get a better one later on

Well this time it is more likely

Me P D O T, A D Y, D A N N


Well obviously, 1st thing you must do is
Set your mind that the person is just not
meant to be together with you and someday
you will get a better one isnt ? =)

then try to ignore anything that reminds you
of him/her but don't hate it coz it will make you
miss them more so just act like you don't even care
well frankly speaking I love to cry after I've become
plastic man well pdot kan who cares ? =)

well sometimes song also fucked up oke
merosakkan mood dikala senja menjelma haha
bodoh je kan ? tengah mood oke but then lagu sedih
keluar mesti you was like " WTF lah lagu nie !!" isnt?
so try to feed yourself with songs that only helps you
to get through all this unnessesary mess oke dear?

I know it is so hard to just walk away coz
to leave something that we love isn't the easist thing to do
then choose an option where you don't have to
stay away from him/her, eventhough it's killing you
but it's actually will make you stronger babeh !!

Recomended Movie that you should go for is

Recommended Song you should listen is

Leann Rimes - Life Goes On

So basically, there are plenty of ways
of reducing your stress here baby.
I'm just try to get over you but then I can't
but but, it doesn't mean that I'm not
trying oke ahaha btw gi mati lah kau weyh=)

Nk pi mandi sat oke
TC guys hope you'll enjoy it !! =)