May 18, 2009


I don't know where start or
where to stop cz it will never end
unless you've changed !!
this particular person who try to
act like he is soo cool n try to snatch
all the girl's hearts out there
but yeah this time, GOTCHA !!
pls la man, don't be like SOO-womanizer
cz it doesn't suits u at ALL !!
owh gosh what else I can say
u just keep on repeating the same
mistake again and again !!
Fuck dowh ko nie. Idk what should i
call you now cz you're acting like
somebody else like you're totally
stranger to me =(
please go back to basic and
think think think about people
around you that actually care about you.
or you're jz too stupid and can't think about it
whatever it is, I do miss the OLD you
but it will never be the same.
coz you've broke my little fragile HEART.

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