September 30, 2008

1st Raya

I still hvnt sleep since yesterday..
surfin, chattin, bloggin,
eatin, sms-ing, talkin,
revisin and so on...
idk y tis raye didnt bring any excitement
to me at all i felt like it jus da same day
dat i've gone thru b4 but da different is today
got vaaarrrieetieess of fooooddds
btw hell yeah it was Hari Raya so

Selamat Hari Raya
Maaf Zahir
Especially Batin

i did sms bieha tis mornin
but suddnly my lousy stomach sakit sgt...
hrmmm and now im goin to toilet..
ill write more on afta tis k.. ;p

p/s : btw tis is my assignmnt for intro to masscom
thx bie , u make it easier when life gets hard

haha at nite, my friends
and of course me daa went to da curve
at 1st we tot we wan to jalan
but sddnly Nash ajak pegi Laundry
whoah on malam raye pertama
we went to bar hahaha wtf is dat
of all da worst, i ordered da bloody hell mary
fuck man tasted like tomato juice!!
hahaha i nvr tot my raye mcm nie