November 25, 2010

Bring it on, bitch !

Bring it on, bitch !

November 15, 2010

Loveable MAMA

Happy Birthday MAMA
You're always there for me
and I'll do the same thing, I'm trying.
Fir doakan Mama panjang umur, di murahkan rezeki
serta dipermudahkan segala urusan dunia & akhirat.

Makta, Makteh, Mama <3

At the same time, Makta was here too.
Thank you, Makta for a very nice gift.
Wish you will get well soon and stronger :)

One more to go

Yeah, alhamdulillah I just finished my semester 6
and this coming sem, is my last semester of my diploma
even it was a bit tough for me, i've managed to maintain my
humble pointer HAHA. anyway, I'm no longer staying at Shah Alam
after lotsa things happened, and please I don't wanna talk about it

So here are few pictures of our final presentation for
Communication Theory Final Presentation !
Classmates, good luck for upcoming Sem !

November 11, 2010


Oke, I'm going to stop now
Sleepy =_= plus I need to
accompany my friend to Putrajaya
this morning HAHA oke, night !
I'll be back, soon !

A legend and A star

Burlesque, cepat cepat lah keluar !
OMFG, Xtina and Cher kot !
Hopefully, it's a good movie lah kan
Wait up, the guys in the movie
are also smokin' hot! Trust me ! ;p


I'm sick of my BB's trackball
rasa macam nak sepak je ! pfftt
Then I went survey for phone,
& I was introduced to a new phone
BB TORCH ! sob sob, kita makan hati lah
sebab lawa sangat and kita tak cukup
duit nak beli dia. But don't worry,
I'll work for it babeyh ! caiyok caiyok !
Soon, you'll be mine grrrr

Tweet tweet

Guys, follow me on twitter. Lately, I don't know why
I'm sooo in lurrvveee with Twitter

That blue bird took my heart lah from FB haha ;p
anyway, follow me at
See you there !

Jahat !

Heard of Stacy - Jahat ? Gosh, kill me if korang
tak dengar lagi. It's a cute song, seriously !
At first pun I was like, macam bodoh je lagu ni
tapi once dengar, HAHA I'm addicted to it.
Here's the link ,

Note: Ardy is one of the talents, gosh he's hot ! ;p
This picture was at M-IFW, 2010. The one with
the black jacket.

Jahat budak jahat, LOL !

Selamat Hari Raya, belated !

Saya dan keluarga mengucapkan
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin !

Mama and Ayah tercinta ! <3

Malang memang tak ada bau -.-

2 days before Raya 2010, kiteorang accident !
After drop off Israq at Pavilion, Anuar, Mimie and Me
planned to have dinner but yeah, tak nak kat pavi
boring lah -__- so we're planning to have our dinner
maybe at Shah Alam area since Anuar pun nak balik sana
But on our way to S.Alam, from Smart Highway, somewhere
around Highway Kajang to P.J, our car suddenly lost control
and spinning for few times kat jalan, then we hit the divider!
Syukur Alhamdulillah semua oke, just minor injuries !
It was a long story, but since cita dah outdated, so malas
nak panjang lebar :p

Bitches !

It's been years, I've lost contact with
my very bestfriend, even for a short time.
I just can't wait to meet her, and spend the
whole day at Starbucks, gossiping and chattin' !
Girl's Talk babeyh ! HAHA

and still, tak dilupakan the other girls,
Syafnida, Bieha, Ramona and Dewi !
Girls, let's hit the road back to hell !

Radar, ON !

Time by time, I keep on searching
what I needed the most,
and yet I have found nothing pfttt -__-

Anyway, lemme introduce you to a person
who helped me to get through my rough time.
Introducing Israq Ismail, best buddy !
Thank you, KAKAK ! ;p

Here comes goodbye

You came into my life happily
and you're gone just like wind
I didn't expect it to happen
You showed to me a new life
but it turned out to be
the worst one :(

Every moments we spent together,
I will never forget each of them.
You always be a part of me
no matter how far we are now.

I can't get over you, because
I don't want to.
You're the best thing happened
in my life.

Lotsa love,

Bionic !

At last, I owned that Christina Aguilera - Bionic album!
I'm so sex-cited about it, I keep on listening to all the songs!

June 09, 2010

Boys and Girls

recently, I've met few new pals haha boring boring time cuti Semester
Sadly, my pointer dropped to 2.87 because of that Bloody ECONOMIC lah !
I hate numbers since I was small =( Let it be lah, I dont care anymore as long as I
passed that paper haha:) so let me list out those new people to you guys

and many more, later will upload more ! =)
thanks to you guys for making my days happier ;)

April 07, 2010

Faiq's Birthday

DaniCalifornia Pizza

Faiq, Me, Kak Mimi and Family, Ahking,
Arina, Ezza, Aiena, Dekwan, Pipi

Even If

Gosh, thought that 5th sem I can have a little rest
but it turns upside down ! haha sumpah macam sial!
I got to finish 5 subject punye assignments and
the due date is just around the corner!
It was a tough semester for me I think.

But I've tried to make myself busy as much
as I can cz I've been learning to live
without YOU, but still I miss you.
I'm ready to let go my obsession towards you
cz I cant bear to see my heart hurts
everytime I miss you.
I just wanna know that you're always
in my heart, always.

March 14, 2010

Faded by Time

I wanna be fair to everyone.
You and I, wasn't meant to be together
I just felt that way because I've been lonely
all these years, without anyone's next to me
I might seemed to be a happy guy in the world
I never been the kind to ever let my feelings show
I thought that being strong is going to help me
forget about you, but it didn't worked.

You will get a better person, trust me !
So do I, kan kan ? hehe
You, I'm sorry if I chose to end up our
friendship just like this.
I can't stand to look at you, your smile
your sadness in your eyes, your tears
your everything.

I will never forget you because you are
the person, who healed my heart.
You never did anything, but that's how
I felt about you. You've made me open
my heart, to try to be with someone else.
You know how hard am I, just to forget
my past. He's everything to me.
No one else, no replacement for him
but then when you came into my life
everything's change. but after what happened,
I rather stay like this; I'm all alone.
Take care, soon we will meet again.

March 03, 2010


Wish I never knew you
Wish I never be friend of yours
Wish I never contact you before
Wish I never care about you
Wish I never fall for you

Too many wishes that I've made tonight
But I can't stop to think about you
I don't know why and I don't know how.
Please, I wish that you could just leave.
That's all I'm asking from you.
No more pain, no more hurts, no more trying

March 02, 2010

Special Edition

Angel by Natasha Beddingfield has caught my attention.
Wish that I can do all the stuffs like the lyric said for you.

Just like the shadow, I'll be beside you
I'll be your comfort, and let it guide you home
If I could be your angel, protect you from the pain
I'll keep you safe from danger, you'll never hurt again.

I'm sorry for what I've done to you.
You are one of the greatest thing ever happened in my life
You've made me realized my mistakes.
I think next to you isn't where I belong.
You deserved more than this, way better.
Wish he could see you just like the way I did.
The truly you, the way you felt about him.
I hope you will find someone
that can make you happy sooner or later.

This post is special for you. I'm sorry.

February 16, 2010

Hanya Ingin Kau Tahu

Ku telah miliki
Rasa indahnya perihku
Rasa hancurnya harapku
Kau lepas cintaku

Rasakan abadi
Sekalipun kau mengerti
Sekalipun kau pahami
Ku pikir ku salah mengertimu

Aku hanya ingin kau tahu
Besarnya cintaku
Tingginya khayalku bersamamu

Tuk lalui waktu yang tersisa kini
Di setiap hariku
Di sisa akhir nafas hidupku

Ow wooo wo wo wooo

Walaupun semua hanya ada dalam mimpiku
Hanya ada dalam anganku
Melewati hidup

Rasakan abadi
Sekalipun kau mengerti
Sekalipun kau pahami
Ku pikir ku salah mengertimu

Aku hanya ingin kau tahu
Besarnya cintaku
Tingginya khayalku bersamamu

Tuk lalui waktu yang tersisa kini
Di setiap hariku
Di sisa akhir nafas hidupku

Aku hanya ingin kau tahu
Besarnya cintaku
Tingginya khayalku bersamamu

Tuk lalui waktu yang tersisa kini
Di setiap hariku
Di sisa akhir nafas hidupku

Ow wooo wo wo wooo

February 09, 2010

Shattered Glass

Was it really worth it?
Was she everything that you were looking for?
Feel like a man?
I hope you know that, you can’t come back
Cause all we had, is broken like Shattered Glass.

You’re gonna see me, in your dreams tonight
My face is gonna haunt you all the time
I promise that you gon’ want me back
When your world falls apart, like Shattered Glass.

February 07, 2010


I've bumped into this guy, after all the conflicts and stuffs
were came to end or I just call him a new friend of mine.
Never thought we can be friends after what happened,
but it turned to be another way around.

Just call him, A.
Friendly, kind-hearted, soft-spoken, and
important is he looked younger compared to his age :P
I was quite shocked when he told me his age.
Well, our first met was at The Garden where
I was waiting to meet with Syafiq Efendy at GSC Signature.
I thought he's taller than me, but yes he is. just a bit haha !
He was too generous till I've became the other part of Pdot.
haha over je tau ! So, the conversation on that
day were quite
dull since that was our 1st time met.

I can't really think more about you,
cause it's already 6am
My eyes were tired
and my brain needs rest =)

All I can say is, I'm glad to be one of your friends !
You're nothing like I've been thinking about you those days !
Just like I've said before, I've dedicated
Thank God I Found You by Mariah Carey & 98 Degrees for you.
Cheers for the new friendship, A!
Can't wait to see you again !


I miss you. I'm dying to be without you,
but it seemed like you don't even care about it
so it's time. The time where I should start
to forget and put all our memories aside,
far far away from my lifeless life.

I never felt this way before. Still I don't think
that we can ever be friend again, because
your presence still lingers here, and it won't
leave me alone. I need you to walk away from
my life. I wish that I never knew you.

Evanescence - My Immortal 02:40
I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone
but though you're still with me,
I've been alone all along.

January 16, 2010

New Semester, New Drama

This coming monday, class dah start oke !
Haish, I gonna miss my bed, selimut busuk saye =(
lastly MAMA. Eventho my hols was about a month,
and I slowly get bored and sick staying at home,
but now I've come to realize that
Staying at home is such a heaven thing to do !
but what can I do kan, life sometimes can be unfair haha
anyway, I can't wait to meet my college mates !
Going to update you guys on my 1st day of 5th semester !
You know you love me,
XOXO Gossip Gays ! haha

January 08, 2010

God for All

I dont know what to comment about the latest issue
of using "ALLAH" to all in Malaysia.
but I would say, I disagree with that because
basically it can create the confusion between Muslim
and the others. It's from my opinion.
Full stop. Peace no war.

January 07, 2010

Second Time Around

I've just downloaded most of Lady Gaga's songs
but this one song, really grab my attention compared
to the others. The music sounds familiar and I thought
it wasn't
Lady Gaga, but suprisingly it was.
It isn't a new song but it was my first time listening to the song.
Second Time Around
was the title. Guys, try to listen to it.
The lyric is good, for me, lately I've noticed that Lady Gaga
really produced good songs and I started to like her. =)
p/s : click the title if you wanna download the song.

Ga Ga Ooh La La Want You Bad Romance ! haha

Xoxo =)

Confused Kid

What should I buy,

HP Mini ? ( easy to bring to class )
Sony Camcorder ? ( I can make video of my life )
Nikon D60 ? ( Precious moments can be captured )
Any suggestion guys ?
well, I'm starting to save my money to buy one of these =)

January 06, 2010

New Year's Birthday

Getting older year by year haha well,
I wish you guys Happy Birthday this month especially,

Madam Gina Manan
January 3rd, 2010

Mohd Nashran Ghazali
January 6th, 2010

Mohd Amir
January 6th, 20

January 8th, 2010

Benafsha Akram
January 9th, 2010

Ridhwan Ghani
January 9th, 2010

Syamimi Zakaria
January 15th, 2010

Shahida Ameri BFF ;D
January 18th, 2010
p/s to Sheda : Selamat menjalani Umrah dgn tenang
jangan lupa doakan kejayaan serta kekayaan aku. haha Amin !