January 31, 2009

Sunburst KL 2009

fuck i really wanna
go to this event !!
kawan2 blanje saya ticket ;p
haha but i think im going
to this event lah
banyak kot artis yg dtg
i heard if we're lucky,
then we can try on the
new things club using
sample of the Silent Disco
phenomena before
experiencing the full-scale
version at Sunburst KL09.
apa lagi meh la kumpul duit
dr skang ;p
more info at

Chinese New Year

Syaf ajak me pegi TS maen bowling
ahaks WTF aku nk main bowling??
sory la simpang malaikat
haha so me Tam Awa pon pegi TS
then I did msg Acaf to come
hehe twinnie were at Pavilion
alarh dekat je if nk jln pon ;p

Ramai ahh kt TS tu igtkn bape
org je haih Japp Ayunnie, her bro n bf,

Aziman, Baby n her bf

tah la ramai sgt ;p
afta main bowling sume
kiteorg lepak2
Japp Syaf nk pegi send

Faiz to airport
so we're separated,

Twinnie pon
nk p mana tah so I said
we meet up later sumwhere

me Tam Awa Nabil Ameer went to
heritage row kt kdai mamak ujung tu ;p

lepak lepak then Ayie Nash Kerol Awe
pon sampai so we decided to watch

Underworld kt Klcc

haha actually i was my plan
to go to KLCC coz Acaf kt sane ;p
dieorg sume msk movie 1st
but i went down n met Acaf jap ;p
chat chat chat wit Acaf

I pon p masuk mv haha
naseb baek cite best !!


January 29, 2009

Syafnida's House

After hantar Syaf dgn Tam,
at Putrajaya we went back
to Selayang. at 1st
we're planning to
go chillin out sumwhere

but then Syaf invited
us to her small party ;p
she also invited those

lovable Twinnie ;p
haha so oke lah
Aliph was at Ou if
im not
mistaken while
Acaf stil home ;p

so around 9 we went to

Ampang to pick up Dewi
then Putra, fetched up Twinnie

den pegi rumah Syaf
bile smpai je we're like
OMG sume org pkai sopan2

shit Syaf ckp small party
haha afta die kene bebel ngn me
haha we all pon msuk slm2 ;p
haha but papepon her bro's
is soo fuckin
good especially
when he sang Maha Karya Cinta haha
btw Tq Syaf for inviting us
Twinnie tq for joinin u
muaxxx xoxo ;p

Assignment Assignment

lately assignment oke lagi
but idk yet in few weeks
more to come hahaha
this one group assignment under Reading Thinking & Writing teaches by Mdm Azian

btw Visual Communication
ade session coloring
best ouh ;p tp leteh cz
kene buat 11 pages

This is Syaf's
this is mine ;p

Att Shisha

sumpah malam nie paling
bodoh kot cz cc kt unisel
tutup at 12am so me n Att
were like Owh gosh whre ta
hell we wanna go ?
otw back to our houses
skali nmpk shisha
kt kdai mkn ape tah name
then i said y don gv a try la
kan memndangkn boring nie
haha then Att pon oke ;p
mula2 nk blk awal around 1230
but at last jd 130 haha
tp Att mcm seladang isap
shisha ;p
( muke i ignore je oke =] )

January 28, 2009

Bieha's Birthday

haha we're planned like
we're nt goin to celebrate
her birthday...mcm mcm lh
cakap ameer pegi penang
pdot bz lah so tggl awe
and japp haha but at last
sume dapat join includin'
Syafnida ;p

Happy 19th Birthday Bie !!

Bile snap2 pic
kiteorg lh yg
lebih haha ;p

Fav Pic Ouh ;p

Bie got N73
frm Ameer =)

Movie Movie

Yes, class sem ne abis on Thursday !!
so I got lot of time to enjoy huhu ;p

I n kawan2 went to OU to watch
INKHEART at 1 am duhhh !!

cite nie dah la ngantok but bestt
Capiq Ajim Amin also joined
afta dieorg had their Futsal ;p

the next day pegi TS tgk mv jugak
Underworld : Rise of the Lycans
ni oke heroin cun tp mati plak =(
I give 8 upon 10 ;p

but i tot Kate Beckinsale
ade la kua muke skali
at last about 10 seconds je
die kua haha but to those
yg tak tgk part 1 & 2
quick get the DVD coz
its worth it !!
Enter the Underworld

2008 Worth Watching Movies

Wild Child -Emma Roberts
Sumpah best oke !! Who are we ??!!

27 Dresses - Katherine Heigl
haha light and easy movie tho ;p

Pathology - Milo Ventimiglia
thriller and complicated movie

Step Up 2 - Robert Hoffman,
Briana Evigan
the coolest movie ever !!

Transporter 3 - Jason Statham
hero die hawtt dowh ;p

Twilight - Kristen Stewart,
Peter Facinelli
the sweetest movie
thru out the year ;p

2nd Semester

haha Unbelievable !
Dah sem 2 oke thank
god cz I didnt hv to
, my study
i got 3.07 oke la tu for
beginner. sedapkn ati ;p
haha so this sem yet still
5 new subjects and
new lecturers !

owh man nasib baek
Mdm Azian
still mengajar
me lagi yeah lega skit
this sem ade Pengajian Islam
and Psychology ;p
Wish me luck !!!

ni lh keje kami if
boring2 dlm class
kan eikha ;p

Muke boring ;p

January 08, 2009

Port Dickson Trip

O M G !! At last we're going for holidays !!
I was so excited evnthough
it wasnt my 1st time visiting PD
but im goin wit all my precious friends
which is Tam's Family
We went there by 3 cars which are
Tam's, Awe's and last but not least
our new member, Japp
and Ayunnie
Here I put some of our pictures
having fun together ;p
Thank you guys