April 07, 2010

Faiq's Birthday

DaniCalifornia Pizza

Faiq, Me, Kak Mimi and Family, Ahking,
Arina, Ezza, Aiena, Dekwan, Pipi

Even If

Gosh, thought that 5th sem I can have a little rest
but it turns upside down ! haha sumpah macam sial!
I got to finish 5 subject punye assignments and
the due date is just around the corner!
It was a tough semester for me I think.

But I've tried to make myself busy as much
as I can cz I've been learning to live
without YOU, but still I miss you.
I'm ready to let go my obsession towards you
cz I cant bear to see my heart hurts
everytime I miss you.
I just wanna know that you're always
in my heart, always.