July 27, 2009

Over it

pretend like u're never exists in this world
wasn't a good idea. the more u try to forget
the harder it will be. true enough isnt ?
well i've spoke with a guy where i found out
his advises were actually working on me.

I would say that since i tried to forget him
I've never give a break to my own self.
Last few months, I made myself busy with
all those assignmnt stuffs and it stays the same.
then I tried to cool myself down, took a deep breath
pray to ALLAH, and lastly I am sort of found the
peaceful of mind last weekend at my own HOME.
being with mama is the best cure of mine.

1 thing that i've learned, sometimes we think that
we need families and friends to support us but
do u realize that sometimes u need time or a break
for your own self ? think about it.

July 26, 2009

Dota Dota Dota

Axe Fav Hero Kot =)

why can't I just stop playing Dota ?

Mother F lah haha 24/7 nak main game je
since becoming "Mr Lonely" haha oke lah
gtg dota time !! Att jgn marah oke
laki ko pon suke main dota oke -_-' haha

July 24, 2009


its been a while i hvnt wrote anything
yela rumah sewa xde streamyx =(
broadband kene block cz x baya ahaha
well i've just finished my examination
gosh pengajian malaysia sucks!!
haha but over all oke lah =)
well i got 54/60 for my digital com carry marks

x saba nak tggu 30 august kan botak kan =)
haha well nnt lah update blog nie
nak siap2 lunch ngn family
gtg tata =)