November 24, 2008


Favourite mall to hang out - PAVY !!
yeah we went there and stopped by at
Island Bistro ahaha
met up Ramona and Hafeez
Nothing much bout today

Meet Hafeez Mikail
Meet Ramona

Jogging Time

7:00 a.m

Bieha and Syaf stayed at my house
because after karaoke lasnyte
they got no place to sleep.

haha we went back at 5am but then
woke up at 7am coz Tam and the gang
ajak pegi JOGGING!!
haha kiteorg pegi jogging at Titiwangsa.

It was fun gile babi!
ahaha take a look at the pics oke?? ;p

Semangat !! ;p

haha over !!

Best Picture For Today ;p
( ayie x lompat )

November 23, 2008

Freedom Elite

It was FREEDOM Elite at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club.
Apit Ayie Nash Kerol Me went to the party and
hell yeah the drinks are free for all night long babeh!!!
Guess what? I can only remembered few things happened
so i can't tell u all the details of the party!!
but all i can say is the party was fucking FUN!!

November 22, 2008

Karaoke Time!!

Nov 21, 2008 10.10pm

Tam and the gang picked up Me and Syaf at shah alam
we stopped to eat first then straight away to
Ampang Park to KARAOKE!!
Awe and Kerol from gombak then they fetched up Nabil
at wangsa maju ;p
Omg seriously im having so much fun!!

Later on i'll attach it with the video oke
haha Syaf and Tam are the best duet ;p

muke Nabil comel oke!! ;p

November 18, 2008

Ayunnie's Sister Wedding

Sunday morning we went bck frm OU,
Bieha n Syaf stayed at my house.
early morning lagi, Bieha gone bck to mahsa
with ameer. ameer pon blk penang at 1pm
so around 12 plus, tam fetched me n syaf at my houz
then sent her to unisel bcz she got ayunnie's sis wedding
to attend..
at the evening, me Tam Kerol Awe picked up Syaf
at Ayunnie's then we went to karaoke!!

Special "S" for Syafnida ;p
captured by Pdot

afta sent Syaf to her sis houz. we chilled at NZ
bla bla bla until 12 plus Tam Awe Kerol leave
me Ayie Nash Nabil went to Danau
i wanna buy slippers since mine was stolen
kt umah sewa shah alam
eee sakit ati oke!!
i bought 2 slippers then we went back ;p

November 17, 2008

Fly FM

We went to One Utama on saturday about
6 am we're planned to watch madagascar 2 and
the movie was on 11.30pm.
so we jalan jalan dulu and eat at A&W.
haha at 1st nabil didn't joined us
but suddenly he came to ou
i was quite excited at the moment
i knw he's coming ;
he arrived about 10.30pm ++
pssttt muke me mcm bapak ayam oke
dgn contact lens turquoise ahaha
like i car
e ;p
i met like a bunch of friends there

afta the movie, we chilled out at Makbul
(mamak stall je act) at ttdi ;p
haha discussed about pd trip
YEAY x saba nk pegi! ;p

muke boring nabil ;p