November 18, 2008

Ayunnie's Sister Wedding

Sunday morning we went bck frm OU,
Bieha n Syaf stayed at my house.
early morning lagi, Bieha gone bck to mahsa
with ameer. ameer pon blk penang at 1pm
so around 12 plus, tam fetched me n syaf at my houz
then sent her to unisel bcz she got ayunnie's sis wedding
to attend..
at the evening, me Tam Kerol Awe picked up Syaf
at Ayunnie's then we went to karaoke!!

Special "S" for Syafnida ;p
captured by Pdot

afta sent Syaf to her sis houz. we chilled at NZ
bla bla bla until 12 plus Tam Awe Kerol leave
me Ayie Nash Nabil went to Danau
i wanna buy slippers since mine was stolen
kt umah sewa shah alam
eee sakit ati oke!!
i bought 2 slippers then we went back ;p


who am i ??? said...

hey !!! found ur blog XD
hehehe....kalau bleh put the chatbox can chat with ya via blog no matter u're on or offline hehehe ~

Pdot said...

haha tu la
but i x igt
nnt i tanye kawan i ;p