October 06, 2008

2nd Raya 2008

haha today i awake at 1++pm..
i cnt rmmbr la coz plenty of tings
lagi nk kene igt i on9 like usual
it is like my daily routine lah..

chatting chatting suddnly
i felt like wanna go hang out sumwhr
so i called AWE and AYIE KECIK sume.
ask to hang out sumwhr

AWE nk makan Carls JR
so we went 2 pavy

Sara also joined us since
she canceled to raya her friend's houz.

we do love mirror.any problems? ahahaha
haha kami sgt blur n we went outta pavy
smoking like hell while snap snap pics la weyh

supposed to be Sara wanna watch KAMI.
but we decided to go to karaoke kat Ampang
Den balik laa...on9 on9 til tido