April 27, 2009


I was blinded by your words
All those lies I kept inside me
Those promises you asked me
to hold on but now there's nothing left
All my tears, they keep running
down my face, how could you forget about me?

I wish we could start all over again
from the moment we met but
I think it is not worth it because
now I realized that you are just unworthy
but I'll cherish every moments we had together

Yeah I miss you so much but
you are with her now
so I won't bother you guys
just so you know
I still love you like I did before

April 21, 2009

No Matter

I will never stop loving you
Give up is not the best words
to describe the feeling now =)
and its all because of you syg ;p

April 20, 2009

Cant Be Without You

I just dont know how to handle it
I just dont know how to face it
I just dont know how to think rationally
I just dont know how to let anyone else in
I just dont know why I love you so much
I just dont know why you do this to me
I just dont know what to do
I just dont know where should I start
I just dont know where should I stop
I just dont know when its all going to end

April 19, 2009

April's Luck

This April was totally wicked !!
lot of things happened and gosh
Im gonna miss all those moments

the latest one was actually today
but early in the morning
I met Ruzaini or juz call him Zynie

Frankly speaking, he's cute dowh
but then plus polite and nice
and People, I just LOVE making friends
oke ? haha

and yet I met Amy ( Sara's bf )
we talked about that moron yg
mengaku die bf Sara (bodo kan gile x malu)
chat chat untill 530 whoah
then sume blk cz dah ngantok plus
Zynie keje today at 12 =)

April 18, 2009

Happy Hours

Im so happy whenever im with you
eventhough I just spend few hours
with you, u made me smile the whole day

I didn't asked for repay cz everything
that I did for you is just because I syg You
Sayang oke take note !!
bukan I love You oke ?? ;p

I hope we will stay forever this way
Im not gonna leave you behind
Im always there for wherever you need me
Fuck jiwang mcm pukimak oke ;p

Currently listening to My heart will go on

April 17, 2009

Syarul Redzwuan

let me introduce you
friend of mine where we just knew
about less than 2 months
he's originally from Sg Petani, Kedah
but currently stay at Shah Alam
I got his passport pic and then I just
snapped it cz saje saje =)
haha u can just called him


poyo bajet ko hensem ? =p
seriously he's a nice guy and im lucky that
i had a chance to get to know him
haha he looks like Ameer abit dowh
but no matter wat happened
we're gonna make it kan pakcik ? =p
nie pic die lah i just put it randomly

April 15, 2009

Adam Sayang

sorry sorry
I was damn busy oke lately
now I'll redeem all the time
with you k ? tp ur treat k =p
hehe btw I MISS you so much syg ;p

April 14, 2009

Friends Come and Go

Life sometimes isn't that fair
We might have to let go of people
that we love the most and
it is so PAINFUL
till you actually think that
what life is all about ?
Life sometimes can be wonderful
but in a blink of eyes it also
can turned out into something that
we didn't expect it to happen
well, that is LIFE

Seeing someone that we love so much
with someone that we are closed
was totally fucked up and it's not healthy
well, obviously you can't hide those
unwanted feeling but then you try to fake it
because maybe you can't afford of losing the loves one
or maybe one of them is your bestfriend

You try your very best just to comfort them
but then it seems like they are actually
don't even care about you and the worst part
of it is they said they love you, FRIEND
and OBVIOUSLY they don't

Life life life
well, life is just a lie
eventhough you said that you're able to
handle it but deep inside your heart says
that "no dear, you can't accept it"
yeah, you know that same sex love
is not a normal thing but the thing is
just put some respect on it because
it is people's choice of what they want to be
and they also have feeling and
yet still want to be loved by someone

If you're happy with her now
then just go on and don't let
someone else take her from you
eventhough the decision is actually
hurt me so much but it is your decision
what I can do is now picking up the
pieces of my heart that you broke it
and putting it back together
and try to get over you

All I can say is I'm better off WITHOUT you

April 13, 2009

Single is FABULOUS

Single Single Single Boys out there

Past just made us stronger
It's depend on us
How we manage to handle it ?
How we're gonna face the future without YOU?
Don't just simply take an easiest way
Coz it won't help you at all
Well basically Im talking through out my experiences
We're gonna get a better one later on

Well this time it is more likely

Me P D O T, A D Y, D A N N


Well obviously, 1st thing you must do is
Set your mind that the person is just not
meant to be together with you and someday
you will get a better one isnt ? =)

then try to ignore anything that reminds you
of him/her but don't hate it coz it will make you
miss them more so just act like you don't even care
well frankly speaking I love to cry after I've become
plastic man well pdot kan who cares ? =)

well sometimes song also fucked up oke
merosakkan mood dikala senja menjelma haha
bodoh je kan ? tengah mood oke but then lagu sedih
keluar mesti you was like " WTF lah lagu nie !!" isnt?
so try to feed yourself with songs that only helps you
to get through all this unnessesary mess oke dear?

I know it is so hard to just walk away coz
to leave something that we love isn't the easist thing to do
then choose an option where you don't have to
stay away from him/her, eventhough it's killing you
but it's actually will make you stronger babeh !!

Recomended Movie that you should go for is

Recommended Song you should listen is

Leann Rimes - Life Goes On

So basically, there are plenty of ways
of reducing your stress here baby.
I'm just try to get over you but then I can't
but but, it doesn't mean that I'm not
trying oke ahaha btw gi mati lah kau weyh=)

Nk pi mandi sat oke
TC guys hope you'll enjoy it !! =)

April 12, 2009


Im 19 at last duhh haha
well nothing to say much
Im just want to say

Thank you guys cz igt my birthday keh ? ;p

haha well there 4 presents I've been looking for

1st Beloved MAMA ILY ;p

Izanee Asyraff

3rd Syafnida Shuhaimi

4th Friends

all my friends who were there for me
wherever I need them.

that is all I wanted for my birthday present k guys

April 06, 2009

My Brighter Day

Today I looked my problems
as something that actually
made me of who i am now
I tried to feed people's fill
but never think about mine

Pity you, pdot !!
never give yourself a chance
to even make a change in my life

But this time I'll make a change
because you are something to me
if not, there is no motive I'm doing this

I walked away so that you can tasted your
sweetest day's memories together with her
loving each other and go on just like normal couple
Most important thing is you are happy dear
and take a good care of her oke
that are all I wanted from you..
May God bless you

April 05, 2009

Letting You Go

I fake a smile so he won't see
What I want and I need
And everything that we should be
How could I face the faceless day
If I should lose you now?
From the 1st time we met
I knew that I'm gonna fall for you
I knew I should not felt that way
But I can't even stand it
The best thing that I can do now is
Letting you go with someone else
And banished all the memories
We had together before
Yes, it is tough thing to do but
It is for our own good though
I'll never regret that I got a chance
To know a person like you because
I was lost in my very own self
Gosh it's killing me every second
whenever I think about it
But you deserve a person much better than me
My heart still breaking and I miss you even more
But it makes no different
I'm always stuck with these emotions
And the more I try to feel
The less I'm whole
I'm trying to find a reason for goodbye
You made me feel alright
for once in my life but
so together but so broken up inside
For hating you I blame myself
Seeing you it kills me now
But I have to let you go
And I will do.....

all because of you,

April 03, 2009

Afgan - Entah

Fuck ouh lagu nie lyric die
haih mcm CE***A je
well I hope I will not
have to face the same way
dgn ape yg lyric nie
try smpaikan hrmmmmm

April 02, 2009

Izanee Ashraff

Acaf the Twinnie haha
saje je letak pic nie cz
acaf hot dlm pic nie haha ;p
Berdansa jom yang !!!

Pic acaf plg comel !! ;p