April 14, 2009

Friends Come and Go

Life sometimes isn't that fair
We might have to let go of people
that we love the most and
it is so PAINFUL
till you actually think that
what life is all about ?
Life sometimes can be wonderful
but in a blink of eyes it also
can turned out into something that
we didn't expect it to happen
well, that is LIFE

Seeing someone that we love so much
with someone that we are closed
was totally fucked up and it's not healthy
well, obviously you can't hide those
unwanted feeling but then you try to fake it
because maybe you can't afford of losing the loves one
or maybe one of them is your bestfriend

You try your very best just to comfort them
but then it seems like they are actually
don't even care about you and the worst part
of it is they said they love you, FRIEND
and OBVIOUSLY they don't

Life life life
well, life is just a lie
eventhough you said that you're able to
handle it but deep inside your heart says
that "no dear, you can't accept it"
yeah, you know that same sex love
is not a normal thing but the thing is
just put some respect on it because
it is people's choice of what they want to be
and they also have feeling and
yet still want to be loved by someone

If you're happy with her now
then just go on and don't let
someone else take her from you
eventhough the decision is actually
hurt me so much but it is your decision
what I can do is now picking up the
pieces of my heart that you broke it
and putting it back together
and try to get over you

All I can say is I'm better off WITHOUT you

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