April 05, 2009

Letting You Go

I fake a smile so he won't see
What I want and I need
And everything that we should be
How could I face the faceless day
If I should lose you now?
From the 1st time we met
I knew that I'm gonna fall for you
I knew I should not felt that way
But I can't even stand it
The best thing that I can do now is
Letting you go with someone else
And banished all the memories
We had together before
Yes, it is tough thing to do but
It is for our own good though
I'll never regret that I got a chance
To know a person like you because
I was lost in my very own self
Gosh it's killing me every second
whenever I think about it
But you deserve a person much better than me
My heart still breaking and I miss you even more
But it makes no different
I'm always stuck with these emotions
And the more I try to feel
The less I'm whole
I'm trying to find a reason for goodbye
You made me feel alright
for once in my life but
so together but so broken up inside
For hating you I blame myself
Seeing you it kills me now
But I have to let you go
And I will do.....

all because of you,

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