November 09, 2009

Berry Berry

Mama, buy me a Blackberry Storm !!
sumpah smart macam sial.


Guys, you have to see this blog !!
it was the scariest blog i've ever seen
Sumpah, nak muntah weyh !!!


This is our loveable logo from now on =)
Me, Syafnida, Rubern and Saadiah
well, Sally's stick man got 2 cute boobies
it was rubern's idea. we saw this logo
at google, while we're doing our task in
boring Coco class hahaha
ILY <3

A Trip

I was planning to go somewhere,
where I can have a peace of mind.
First came up to my mind, was beach !
Just perfect! The breeze is good to cure
my very-tangled mind. I was too busy
till I didn't have enough rest.

Pangkor ? Tioman ? Redang ?
still in consideration. I'm thinking
to invite few friends to come along.
but the most important, is him.
I wanted to clean the mess with him.
Vacation could be the perfect idea !

Everyone, let's go! btw I really missed Syaf, Sally and
loveable husbie, Rubern haha ILY guys =)

Pass By

I'm really sorry Izanee Asyraff.
Please don't do this to me.
Everyone isn't perfect so do I.
That's all I wanted to say