May 25, 2009

Here I Come

It's party time babeh !!
Ferry Corsten I'm coming for you

May 24, 2009

Izanee Asyraff

alaa acaf dh msk UIA
pasnie jarang dh hangout2
haih but its oke lah,
i wish u all the best oke !!!
study well jd lawyer
nnt if ape2 bole suh acaf
je handle case pdot k.

May 18, 2009


I don't know where start or
where to stop cz it will never end
unless you've changed !!
this particular person who try to
act like he is soo cool n try to snatch
all the girl's hearts out there
but yeah this time, GOTCHA !!
pls la man, don't be like SOO-womanizer
cz it doesn't suits u at ALL !!
owh gosh what else I can say
u just keep on repeating the same
mistake again and again !!
Fuck dowh ko nie. Idk what should i
call you now cz you're acting like
somebody else like you're totally
stranger to me =(
please go back to basic and
think think think about people
around you that actually care about you.
or you're jz too stupid and can't think about it
whatever it is, I do miss the OLD you
but it will never be the same.
coz you've broke my little fragile HEART.


Too much drama.
It's like stupid dumb jokes
and only assholes play that jokes.
We're done.
You go your way
and I will go mine.
to People,
talk as much as you
can about me.
Like I give a damn =)
To you, sorry for being rude.

Happy Birthday

Happy 18th Birthday
Farahin Hamdan
May Allah blessed you
with all the kindness =)

May 10, 2009

College Life

Ikmal Aliff Jamaluddin
Take care of yourself at
Malacca Matriculation !!
I will visit you soon k syg =)
Jangan manjee uhhh sgt k

Btw thx for spending ur time
till almost 5am dgn me
Gonna miss you so much !!! =((

May 09, 2009


Happy Mother's Day

to all mothers living in this world
Nothing can replace you
Your ways are too perfect
You completed my daily life
You're my life, you're my hopes.
I need you like water, like breath, like rain.
All I need is you.

Norma'lum bt Bahari


I don't know why I'm fuckin
excited about this coming raya.
ye lah first of all dapat minta maaf
dgn mama ayah n family. then i
can meet my friends where I rarely
see lately coz of buzy-ness hahaha =)
gosh anyway guys, ATTENTION !!


p/s : x taw kt mane, ask la ek =)

May 06, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy 19th Birthday
Intan Syazreena Dato' Bakaruddin
Sara Kamarul Zaman
Aku Syg Ko =)

May 05, 2009

Bring Back The Pulse


29 and 30 May 2009
A' Famosa Resort, Malacca


Freedom Cheer
Freedom Live Wall
Freedom Trampoline
Freedom Tattoo
Freedom Rides

Previous Freedom at Mount Kiara

May 03, 2009

Crystal Clear

I didn't go anywhere today
I don't even know where to go to
haish the emptiness is slowly
taking over me and I don't

know how to win over myself back

Yes I shouldn't think like this but
I can't stop from doing it
You're supposed to be my friend
where I put my trust on but
your're turning into a different person
where I don't even know you at all

I will try to regain what I've lost
but I'll never forget you. NEVER EVER.
you're always gonna be the one
I never someone like you and
I don't know why people didn't
realized that you're just too good
and yet I've already realized it
youu wasn't for me

May 02, 2009

Way Too Far

I never thought that she could be that
evil oke ? we were like BFF gile babi
and she always told me that
"boyfriend come and go, friends stay forever"
take note oke guys !!!!
but then does she really knw the exact meaning
ape yang die ckp ? I dont think so =(

but FYI, if u're planning to use him as a temporary BF
just to wait for someone else to come back,

then i'll make sure that u will never b happy ok ?

how come u made a statement like
"u r in love with A, but u will definitely will choose B"
that is totally FUCK UP oke syg ?
Wake up!! u r not in fairy tale story dear
this is reality !! people with feeling are exist in this world
and not to be played around like voodoo dolls

I just wana to make it clear in public
there is nothing between us and goddamnit
trust ur own FRIEND especially

with that i rest my case :p

May 01, 2009

May 1st

Happy 19th Birthday
Saiful Nizam Baharin
May God Bless You With
All The Kindness