August 06, 2009

Way Back To Love

U guys have watched Heart before isnt ?
I didn't expect, after all these years
pickin up the pieces, then putting
my heart back together after
separating from the loved one
made me such a weaker person.
OBVIOUSLY!! cz when i did watched
this movie again, i was haunted by
guilty and sadness tahap dewa
& the result was Im crying.

I don't know how to handle it.
I don't know how to prevent it.
I don't know how am i goin to survive.
I don't know how am i goin to live without you.
I don't know.

I miss you terribly. wish i could turn back time.

August 01, 2009

Long Long Time Ago

Lately, i've been watching old movies and tv series
I dont knw why, but it such a good thing to do to fill up
my leisure time since now i'm on semester break!!
Yeay but it's going to be over soon, about less than 2 weeks

Gosh Meteor Garden was my most fav tv series
I'm dying to watch it again!! I hv to download it back
bcz ade org pinjam dulu cd die tapi x pulang kan!!

well, F4 kan were the main characters in Meteor Garden
haha semua hot kan ? especially Jerry and Vic haha

OMG !?