November 17, 2008

Fly FM

We went to One Utama on saturday about
6 am we're planned to watch madagascar 2 and
the movie was on 11.30pm.
so we jalan jalan dulu and eat at A&W.
haha at 1st nabil didn't joined us
but suddenly he came to ou
i was quite excited at the moment
i knw he's coming ;
he arrived about 10.30pm ++
pssttt muke me mcm bapak ayam oke
dgn contact lens turquoise ahaha
like i car
e ;p
i met like a bunch of friends there

afta the movie, we chilled out at Makbul
(mamak stall je act) at ttdi ;p
haha discussed about pd trip
YEAY x saba nk pegi! ;p

muke boring nabil ;p

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