November 11, 2008


This week was terribly busy with assignments, tests and etc.
I was like OMG pening pening!!
ahahaha but im on my way to settle up this mess
but next week is my FINAL!!
waaa sumpah takot oke!!

Today i've done my group presentation
and hell yeah we got full marks for the contents
Eydruss was our saviour, while the rests did a splendid jobs!
Well done guys!!

This is me heee

This is Syafnida whoaa

This is Eikha wheee

Now i have to struggle for my individual assignment.
Hahaha eventhough the topic wasnt that hard,
i have to give an opinion for minimum 5 pages!!
hahaha nevermind i'll work for it!
wish me luck!!

I rest my case here coz i wanna take my bath
ahahaha wat a day!!

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