January 28, 2009

Movie Movie

Yes, class sem ne abis on Thursday !!
so I got lot of time to enjoy huhu ;p

I n kawan2 went to OU to watch
INKHEART at 1 am duhhh !!

cite nie dah la ngantok but bestt
Capiq Ajim Amin also joined
afta dieorg had their Futsal ;p

the next day pegi TS tgk mv jugak
Underworld : Rise of the Lycans
ni oke heroin cun tp mati plak =(
I give 8 upon 10 ;p

but i tot Kate Beckinsale
ade la kua muke skali
at last about 10 seconds je
die kua haha but to those
yg tak tgk part 1 & 2
quick get the DVD coz
its worth it !!
Enter the Underworld

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