January 06, 2009

Supper Club

We're going to celebrate new year
but yet we haven't decided
where we wanna go and its already 6pm !!
Duhh I don wan my new year eve is
going to be the most lousy night
like i've been thru since lately

Meanwhile, Aliph and Acaf (the twins) were
at the Pavilion at 1st then they switched
place to The Curve for a reason

Supper Club was the best choice for us tonight
then oke we're going to Supper Club !!!
Yeay I knew its goin to be a BLAST there !!

We're get ready for tonight but Ameer haven't
reached home from JB and its 9pm !!
Bieha was with me and she's like
OMG OMG pdot laki aku x smpai lagi
hahaha its totally WTF bieha !!
but I dont know how fast that Ameer
drove that night coz he reached selayang
at 10pm OKE !!

Maggie, Awa, Amar and Japp joined us !!
I love u all lah especially Kecik Amer
ehem ehem paham paham sendiri ;p
I had so bloody fun that night
but out cepat sangat ;p
sory guys hahaha

"bawak aku ke
jalan yang benar" isnt ? ;p

Bieha dah over ;p

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