March 14, 2010

Faded by Time

I wanna be fair to everyone.
You and I, wasn't meant to be together
I just felt that way because I've been lonely
all these years, without anyone's next to me
I might seemed to be a happy guy in the world
I never been the kind to ever let my feelings show
I thought that being strong is going to help me
forget about you, but it didn't worked.

You will get a better person, trust me !
So do I, kan kan ? hehe
You, I'm sorry if I chose to end up our
friendship just like this.
I can't stand to look at you, your smile
your sadness in your eyes, your tears
your everything.

I will never forget you because you are
the person, who healed my heart.
You never did anything, but that's how
I felt about you. You've made me open
my heart, to try to be with someone else.
You know how hard am I, just to forget
my past. He's everything to me.
No one else, no replacement for him
but then when you came into my life
everything's change. but after what happened,
I rather stay like this; I'm all alone.
Take care, soon we will meet again.

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