February 07, 2010


I've bumped into this guy, after all the conflicts and stuffs
were came to end or I just call him a new friend of mine.
Never thought we can be friends after what happened,
but it turned to be another way around.

Just call him, A.
Friendly, kind-hearted, soft-spoken, and
important is he looked younger compared to his age :P
I was quite shocked when he told me his age.
Well, our first met was at The Garden where
I was waiting to meet with Syafiq Efendy at GSC Signature.
I thought he's taller than me, but yes he is. just a bit haha !
He was too generous till I've became the other part of Pdot.
haha over je tau ! So, the conversation on that
day were quite
dull since that was our 1st time met.

I can't really think more about you,
cause it's already 6am
My eyes were tired
and my brain needs rest =)

All I can say is, I'm glad to be one of your friends !
You're nothing like I've been thinking about you those days !
Just like I've said before, I've dedicated
Thank God I Found You by Mariah Carey & 98 Degrees for you.
Cheers for the new friendship, A!
Can't wait to see you again !

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