May 02, 2009

Way Too Far

I never thought that she could be that
evil oke ? we were like BFF gile babi
and she always told me that
"boyfriend come and go, friends stay forever"
take note oke guys !!!!
but then does she really knw the exact meaning
ape yang die ckp ? I dont think so =(

but FYI, if u're planning to use him as a temporary BF
just to wait for someone else to come back,

then i'll make sure that u will never b happy ok ?

how come u made a statement like
"u r in love with A, but u will definitely will choose B"
that is totally FUCK UP oke syg ?
Wake up!! u r not in fairy tale story dear
this is reality !! people with feeling are exist in this world
and not to be played around like voodoo dolls

I just wana to make it clear in public
there is nothing between us and goddamnit
trust ur own FRIEND especially

with that i rest my case :p

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