March 10, 2009

Corporate Day

Masscomers Semester 2 Group A with Madam Azian

Our next assignment is where we all need to dressed up properly most likely formal wear lahbut depends on wat u are going to be as a Media Practitioner whoaah i was quite late actually cz kene tggu turn mandi kat rumah sewa eyna ahaha ramai lah katekan then i tot im was the only who was late bt skali eikha's voice pierced my ears when i was about to enter the class "Pdot !!!" ahaha whoah eikha lawa gile kot haha suke make up die n the attire for sure then Saadiah and Syuhda pon entered and they all also fucking gorgeous kot last bt not least Syafnida n Qis pon arrived plg lambat la kirenye ( diva la kot haha) haha tp quite shock cz Syaf really stunning on that day. Shocking red shirt with attached skirt was perfectly on her haha syaf nie ikhlas oke haha well u can see the pics below keh

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